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How to Switch Your Auto Insurance?

By comparing two insurance plans you may able to find a better one at a better rate with another insurance company and save your money. It’s only a matter of research, but you have to make sure to follow the right steps to switch your auto insurance.

Here are a four key steps to follow when it comes to change your auto insurance:

_        Review you current driving situation:

           Take note of your driving circumstances as well as the needs of other drivers in your household. Do you have a newer model car? Do you commute several miles each week to work? Do you have recent traffic tickets?

_         Shop Around:

            It’s time to look for alternatives. A good first call is to your current insurance agent or the insurance company itself, Even if you're not happy with your existing policy ask if there are ways to lower your rate for the same amount of coverage, says Salvatore. You may be eligible to receive discounts you're not getting.

_         Don’t skim on coverage:

            As you receive quotes, make sure the insurance coverage and deductibles mentioned are satisfactory. Just because a rate quote may be lower than what you're currently paying, it doesn't mean it's a better deal if the coverage is lacking.

       Notify your old and new providers:

          After conducting all your research (and with a bit of luck), you may well find a company that offers good coverage at a lower rate. You may be willing to switch, but before you sign a new agreement, call your state's department of insurance to learn if the company is permitted to do business in your state. Once you've verified that the new provider can do business in your state and appears financially stable, it's time to make the switch.
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